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Individual Timeline - Pencil in your child's birthdate, and then continue with their age, school year, etc... and your results will be super useful reference sheet at your fingertips and a ton of saved time!

Family Timeline - The same idea as above but it is for the whole family. Once again, we are about efficiency and saving your precious time & photos! 

Photo Inventory - Keeps track of photos you gather for scanning from relatives. We know this can sometimes be sensitive so we have made it easy to document all types of photos inventory like photo albums, slides, film, video, etc....

Michelle C.

"I bought the scanner Sherra & Rita recommended and I've started scanning one old album at a time every night while I binge watch Netflix. LOVE seeing all our old photos on the computer screen now. I can't wait to make a digital album with all our family heritage photos!!"

Ann B.

"I've wanted to start scanning my print photos for so many years. It always felt too overwhelming and I don't love technology. Now that I'm retired, this guide has given me all the confidence I needed to finally START!"

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